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Sheet Mask Series

  • Using ODT(Occlussive Dressing Technique), sheet masks provide an intensive home skin treatment. Safe and effective.
  • Decades of experience. Create high-quality products that minimize the possibility of allergies.
  • A variety of sheet mask material options to meet different needs.

    Products:Bio Cellulose/Long Fiber Facial Mask/Black Charcoal Mask/Silk-like Mask/Austrian VEOCEL™/Face Lifting Ear Hook Mask/ Rinse-off mask

    Basic Skincare Series 

    • Maintain skin oil and water balance, and customized different skincare requirements, including conditioning, moisturizing, whitening, repairing, etc.
    • Using variety of natural and organic certified raw materials, and has a numbers of international certification.
    • Customized different textures and formulas skincare product. 
    Product:Serum/Toner/Body Lotion/Cream/Hand Cream/Balancing Oil/Lip Balm/Moisturizing Mist/Gel/Body Lotion/Body Oil/Massage Cream

    Cleansing Series 

    • Cleaning is the first step in skincare process, and good cleaning products are the foundation of your healthy skin.
    • Without alkali and SLS/SLES, add amino acid surfactant instead
    • A variety of natural essential oils to choose and meet different fragrance requirement. 

    Product:Cleanser /Cleaning water /Cleaning oil/Cleaning cream/Foaming cleanser /Exfoliating Cream/Body wash /Hand Sanitizer