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Development Concept

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Development and test

  • 100+ kinds active ingredients
  • 60+ kinds of PIF fomulation
  • Regulatory
  • Products matrix and function analysis

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Data Support

  • Product efficacy analysis
  • Safe test
  • Efficacy test

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High standard production

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Product profile

  • PIF
  • Application for customer
  • Special documents of import/export
  • Customize file
  • Analysis of ingredient list/ COA

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Brand consulting 

<tc>Essential Series</tc>

These series were developed under the background of skin problems caused by anxiety and extended stress to customers during the global pandemic. Jolab Essential Series use natural plant essential oil instead of artificial essence. It not only extracts the mysterious repairing power of nature, but also can relax and heal the tense mind with fragrance.

<tc>Post-treatment recovery series</tc>

Jolab specially developed the post-laser treatment care, which is available in 3 steps of intensive serums, to meet nutrients supply for different skin conditions after the laser treatment ;  to reduce the discomfort period and boost the skin recovery, extending the positive effect until the next treatment.


The EU PIF is the highest standard of cosmetic product information file system in the world. It takes about a year to obtain the PIF before entering the EU countries.

Jolab has been working with the European market for many years. The high-standard production process and precise formula design have helped many customers to obtain PIF within a short period of time, and accelerate the speed of product launch. Nowadays, we have accumulated 60 formulas ready for use. 

<tc>Brand Building</tc>

From product development, manufacturing to sales, we implement our insistence on beauty.

Jolab not only knows how to produce, but also how to create a successful international brand.

We have rich experience in brand combat. In addition to tens of thousands of cosmeceutical channels and convenience stores, we also have long-term cooperation with the world's top department stores, airport duty-free channels, and six-star hotel spas around the world. Diverse sales models allow us to deeply grasp the characteristics of different sales channels and the skin needs of different consumer groups. 

Therefore, what Jolab can provide you is far more than manufacturing, the most important and most valuable is product development strategy, channel strategy, marketing strategy, packaging strategy, and brand-rich strategy that can provide you with an international perspective. Suggestions for spreading the core value of the brand.